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Introductory post :) *waves*

Neopet Username: evilnefret (Add me/send me a Neomail, whydontcha? xP) 
[I'd forgotten the password and birthday I provided for my original account (lovelyprincess_ria) :c]
Gender: F
Age: 18 by the end of July
How Long You've Been In Neopia: evilnefret - 2 1/2 weeks; lovelyprincess_ria 39 weeks.
Current Number of Neopets: 1, both ways.
Names and Species of Current Pets: evilnefret - a Bruce named xrubytuesdayx; lovelyprincess_ria - an Usul named angelheart14_90210
Petpets in Ownership of your Pets: evilnefret - A Quetzal named Fiesta. I have 3 "extra" ones though, not counting the 2 free ones I got in my Starter Pack; lovelyprincess_ria - a Cobrall named Stripes.
Any Petpetpets? Nah.
Trophies You’ve Won: evilnefret - None. lovelyprincess_ria - 3rd place at Caption Competition.
Name of Your Shop: evilnefret - .:NEFRET'S:. lovelyprincess_ria - Whatever Things
Name of Current Guild: evilnefret - The Neopian LITeration Army

Favorite Stuff!

Favorite Neopet Species:
Favorite Petpet Species: Babaa, Cirrus, Polarchuck...
Favorite Paint Brush: Faerie
Favorite Wheel: Wheel Of Slime :p
Favorite Game(s): Hasee Bounce, Ice Cream Machine, Tug-O-War, sponsored games...
Favorite Thing to Collect: Petpets & paintbrushes!
Favorite Villain: Jhudora
Favorite Faerie: Illusen & Fyora
Favorite Self-Induced Quests to Do: ...

Not-So-Favorite Stuff...

Least-Favorite Neopet Species
: Uh...N/A.
Least-Favorite Petpet Species: Spyder
Least-Favorite Paint Brush: Basic ones
Least-Favorite Wheel: Montony!
Least-Favorite Game(s): The ones that take so much effort but pay sooo little
Least-Favorite Thing to Collect: Dung anything
Least-Favorite Villain: ...
Least-Favorite Faerie: ...
Least-Favorite Self-Induced Quests to Do: ...

Miscellaneous Stuffs!

Next Pet You're Planning On Getting (if you have any spots open):
A Blumaroo
Item(s) You Want The Most Right Now: Non-basic paintbrushhhhhhhh.
Do You Bother Giving Your Pets Descriptions and/or Backstories? Sometimes. Haha.
The Best Thing You’ve Ever Gotten From... etc.: A Fishy Easter Negg from the Easter Cybunny. It was a random event. :)
Ever Been Published in The Neopian Times? No.
Ever Take Part in Any of the Storylines and/or Wars? Yep.
Buy any Neopet Trading Cards? Nope.
Buy any other Neopet-Related Merchandise? Yep. :P

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