Kelly (kellyagain) wrote in abusedmyneopets,

Boochi AGAIN?

So there I was, editing my pets' descriptionsand minding my own business. After I'm finished with kopkopp's, I refresh at her lookup to see if the changes are satisfactory. Then out of NO WHERE . . .

That makes the fourth time in less than a month that Boochi has fired at me. The first time was a miss while I was playing NQ that nearly scared me to death (since I started NQ playing with a regular pet that I stupidly painted plushie because I didn't know you couldn't switch pets). Since I was so close to the end (I was heading toward the final boss), and since I had been zapped at already once, it couldn't POSSIBLY happen again. Well, it did. Boochi hit Tenago (no more plushie! :() on April 4, right before I finished the game for good.

In ALL of my years (and there have been many), I've only ever been fired at by Boochi ONCE before, and it was a miss. The miss on Becls last week, then her hit this evening makes four times this month. At least she was only red before, eh? And baby flotsams are really quite cute.

When it rains it pours, eh?

Now if only the Fountain Faerie could take a lesson from Boochi. I'd really love that avatar, and I'd love even more to also be able to turn Tenago back into her regular self. I've been around Neopets for 70 months. Isn't about time she paid me a visit (or two ;))?

(x-posted a bit, sorry if you get doubles (or triples, or quadruples :o))
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