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Neopet Username: fauxiest
Gender: Female
Age: 17
How Long You’ve Been In Neopia: 40 months
Current Number of Neopets: 7 or so.
Names and Species of Current Pets: Neo95X (Baby Gelert), Biacthic (Faerie Lupe), Yinea (Mutant Kougra), kikobabybooboo (Christmas Cybunny)
Petpets in Ownership of your Pets: White Anubis, Gruslen, Spyder (Now a Pile of Soot), Snowbunny
Any Petpetpets? Nope
Trophies You’ve Won: Snow Wars, Solitaire, Pyramids
Name of Your Shop: Show of the Faux
Name of Current Guild:

Favorite Stuff!

Favorite Neopet Species: Gelert
Favorite Petpet Species: Anubis
Favorite Paint Brush: Undecided
Favorite Wheel: Monotony
Favorite Game(s): Pyramids, Suteks Tomb, Solitaire, Scarab 21, and that new word one (basically all the Desert Games)
Favorite Thing to Collect: Food.
Favorite Villain: Hmm...
Favorite Faerie: None, really.
Favorite Self-Induced Quests to Do: I don't have the patience.

Not-So-Favorite Stuff...

Least-Favorite Neopet Species: Poogle
Least-Favorite Petpet Species: Abominable Snowball
Least-Favorite Paint Brush: Snow
Least-Favorite Wheel: Excitement
Least-Favorite Game(s): Most sponser games
Least-Favorite Thing to Collect: Useless trash.
Least-Favorite Villain:
Least-Favorite Faerie:
Least-Favorite Self-Induced Quests to Do:

Miscellaneous Shtuffs!

Next Pet You’re Planning On Getting (if you have any spots open): None at the moment.
Item(s) You Want The Most Right Now: Nothing, really.
Do You Bother Giving Your Pets Descriptions and/or Backstories? Occasionally.
The Best Thing You’ve Ever Gotten From the Tombola at One Time: Like, 200 NP. That cheap bastard.
The Best Thing You’ve Ever Gotten From The Fruit Machine: FAERIE Paint Brush.
The Best Thing You’ve Ever Gotten From The Snowager: Pheh. I always get blasted
The Best Thing You’ve Ever Gotten From Coltzan’s Shrine: Two Dubloon Coin.
The Best Thing You’ve Ever Gotten From the Scratch Cards: A stinkin' plushie
Best Random Event You’ve Ever Gotten: Secret Lab Map Piece
Worst Random Event You’ve Ever Gotten: Boochi Zapped my Shadow Gelert
Ever Been Published in The Neopian Times? And If So, How Many Times? No
Ever Take Part in Any of the Storylines and/or Wars? Meridell Plot
Buy any Neopet Trading Cards? And if yes, when was the last time you bought a pack? Nope
Buy any other Neopet-Related Merchandise? Just the McD's toys.

Hey ya'll. Just thought that since I'm back on Neopets I would get into an offsite click that won't freeze my damn account for speaking my mind. So, hello. And if you roleplay, feel free to check out user fauxiest and Neomail me.

Also, I need a bit of help with a small dillemma I have. Right now I'm thinking of setting up shop to lab people's pets (and possibly petpets) for them, but on my account with the lab I have four pets already. I'd like to move my mutant kougra from Account A to Account B, so if anyone could help me do that it would be appreciated. (It would be best if you had MSN Messenger.)

Chow, mis amigos.
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