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New... ish?

Hello, hello! I'm newish here. I've had my account on neopets, Dark_Guardian_Rantin, for a couple years, but up until this summer I had a crappy computer and couldn't play any games. You can imagine how that would hinder the experience... '-_-

Well I graduated high school and I'm addicted now! Woo hoo! Best present ever? One of my friends saved up a whole ton of neopoints and bought me a Darigan Paint Brush! Isn't she the best?! That was back on May 28, '06. Well a couple days ago, this happened

Very depressing. My Darigan lupe didn't even last a month. *tear* So I bought a lab map to make myself feel better and adopted a lab pet to protect my other pet... Eh heh, I'm poor now but I have a plan! Get another Darigan Paint Brush for Chistmas! Yay for Christmas presents!

Just wanted to share, y'know, to liven things up, give people a few laughs at my misfortune... same old same old... ;)
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